Music JSON: very rough outline

I’ve been having a look through the MIDI specs and roughing out something similar in JSON style. It won’t literally be MIDI-in-JSON because along the way I’ve changed a few things to made it easier to read and write by hand (or with simple script code).

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Flash MIDI

Just a very quick round up of some Flash MIDI links I found today:
(it appears these guys are working on some kind of instrument built atop their midi stuff too…)

As far as generative music goes, this seems way advanced:

Not really sure if it applies to what I’m thinking about, if it could be adapted to Flash at all…

Web music API

Just some random ideas for now, but there’s interesting stuff happening now with Flash 10… it has a Sound API that basically allows you to make synthesisers and effects processors in Actionscript.

The project that seems to have the big jump on this is Hobnox AudioTool. Really impressive!

It’s kind of all-encompassing though. I’ve been thinking about something much simpler. For example, say you could play a MIDI file with Flash? (actually, you can…) but how about if you could play it using Flash Sound API ‘instruments’ rather than whatever sounds are in your soundcard?

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PHP5 BitArray class

Recently I had an idea to try making some kind of generative music program. I got thinking about how to model harmony and musical scales etc. It seemed like the simplest way to think of an (abstract, i.e. key-less) scale was as a 12-bit binary number.

Well, ‘the thing’ will eventually have some kind of web-facing API so I’m building it in PHP.  Some operations are conveniently done using just a binary number and bitwise operators, others (eg random access to individual bits) are less convenient and would benefit from a helper class of some kind.

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