Python-style template strings for AS3

public class StringTemplate
* Mimics the python template string format, eg:
* "blah blah %(varname)s blah blah"
* then you pass in a 'dict' of varnames which get
* substituted into the string when run.
public static function parse(str:String, vars:Object):String
var re:RegExp = /\%\((\w+)\)s/g;
var match:Object;
while((match=re.exec(str)) !== null) {
if (vars.hasOwnProperty(match[1])) {
str = str.replace(match[0], vars[match[1]]);
return str;

Currently only handles the ‘dict of vars’ style substitution and probably doesn’t handle escaping and other edge-cases properly. Fine for a bit of quick and dirty string action though.

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